Back to School Tips for Supply Teachers

Arriving at a School – Main Priority Six

When arriving at a school, it is easy to forget all the important information you need before you walk into the classroom. Luckily, at MPS Education we provide all our staff with the most essential questions you should ask. These are called our ‘Main Priority Six’ and they are on the back of your ID badge. Furthermore, always visit the staff room in the morning and check the classroom displays, as you will find useful information to support you throughout the day.

Be Organised, Well Prepared and Plan Thoroughly

Always take emergency resources with you. Plans will be left for you 99% of the time, although there can be situations where plans have not been left for the supply teacher. In this situation, do not panic! It is your opportunity to show off and teach your own fantastic lessons to the class and impress the school! It is also important to have an open mind; a school’s plans can change throughout the day and you must be ready to adapt.

If you take on a long-term placement and are asked to plan lessons, be organised and well prepared. Always over plan and have extension activities for children that complete the set work, as you do not want children twiddling their thumbs or disturbing your lessons because they are bored. We have shared a list of some fantastic resources that you can find here.

It is also important to stay on top of marking. Treat the books like they are your own class and impress the school with your well-informed feedback to the children.

Build Relationships

Smile and build a rapport with the staff and pupils of the school. It is beneficial to make a good impression, as you may be applying for future job opportunities that may arise in the school you are working in. Building a good rapport with the children can also help when with dealing with behaviour. Although, you must remain authoritative and demonstrate to the children you can have fun on your terms and when they are following school rules.


Teaching is a very rewarding profession. You will have great days and difficult days. Remember the difference you are making and enjoy every moment! Teaching can be very full on and you may find yourself using a lot of your personal time planning, marking and compiling resources. It is important to ensure you make time for yourself, eat well, exercise and rest. Do not forget that at MPS Education, our team are always on hand to support you.

From all of the team at MPS Education, have a fantastic term!