Sector Leading NQT Support at MPS Education

Congratulations on passing your PGCE and attaining Qualified Teacher Status! You have one more professional challenge and that is the completion of the statutory induction year. As this is a pass or fail process, successful navigation of this challenging requirement cannot be taken for granted. At MPS Education, we are here to help you successfully complete your induction year.

What is involved?

Simply put, it involves collecting evidence against a set of standards. A large section of the required evidence is school based and needs to be collected over a period of 380 sessions – this in mainstream equates to 190 days pupil/teacher contact time. Your work will need to be uploaded onto your own dedicated PLP/IP account – hosted by the EWC. You will also have access to an External Verifier (EV) – provided by one of the education consortia in Wales.

How can MPS assist?

We employ 2 retired headteachers who between them have over 50 years’ experience of primary education in Wales. They have produced a suite of key training modules – refined in the light of working with NQTs. Evaluative feedback from NQTs who have been through the programme has been exceedingly positive.


What does the programme cover?

The content covers: Induction Roles and Responsibilities, The Professional Standards, Reflective Practice, Action Planning, Leadership and Evidence Retention. The individual modules build incrementally on one another, so attendance at all sessions is vital. A constant theme running across the whole year is one of professional reflection at all stages. This ensures ongoing evaluation and assists in making small changes and/or additions where required – a key aspect of your professional development that will be focused upon by the EV.

How is the programme organised?

It consists of five 3-hour sessions spread over the academic year. Each session links the use of the Professional Standards with the Induction Profile requirements – nurturing routine familiarity of use related to on-going work in schools. The mode of delivery is adapted to the needs of the group but includes whole group, paired and individual tasks. A key focus is on facilitating and assisting with individual needs whilst the roll of the critical friend is nurtured early in the programme. Participants also have access to both providers via a common e-mail account.

The Induction process/requirements when added to the workload of teaching is challenging but with the assistance of MPS the load is considerably lightened. Previous course participants have also commented on how they valued time with other NQTs to discuss commonly faced issues. MPS is very proud of this provision – not offered by any other agency at the same level of detail. Additionally, the entire provision is FREE for all NQTs – at the point of delivery.

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