Five tips for improving your CV


For those looking for employment it is always vital to present yourself to potential employers as best as possible, and part of that is making sure that your CV is up to date, relevant and maximises your chances of securing employment. We have five key tips to ensure that your CV is of the highest standard possible:

  • Layout – Content is not the only important thing to include in a CV. The first thing an employer will notice is how the CV is laid out, and if you are using a template that hundreds of others are using, what is going to make them stop and look at yours? Be creative and ensure that your CV is unique and noticeable. We will be publishing future articles on modern, stylish templates to give you a helping hand in creating the perfect layout.
  • Brevity – When going through large numbers of CVs, employers do not want to be trawling through huge blocks of texts to get to the key information about you. When including something, ask yourself is it important and will it aid your chances of being employed. Be concise, using key words that are relevant to the job that you are applying for.
  • Non-Work Experience – It is important to show different sides to your character, so if your CV is entirely filled with work related items, and shows little personality or individual interests, it is possible that you could be another forgettable candidate along with many others. You need to stand out and make sure that your personality comes across through non-work related items such as personal interests and achievements, whilst linking them to yourself and explaining how they have helped you gain skills related to the potential place of employment. For example, our involvement with a local football team on the surface seems like a straightforward, simple statement, but that can be expanded on to showcase skills of team management, working with children, discipline, organisation and so on.
  • Tailored to the job – One of the biggest mistakes somebody can have is to have one single CV that is sent to multiple places of employment. No two jobs will be the same, so why should your CV be? If you want to be serious about applying for a role at an organisation, you have to show that you have taken an interest in them, researched their ethos and what the job entails, and that the CV you present to them matches that. Remove sections that may sound good in general, but have little value to such a specific role, focusing instead on elements specific to them.
  • Mistakes – This one should go without saying, but you will be surprised just how many CVs are littered with mistakes which will instantly turn off an employer. If you can’t take the time to spend ten minutes proof reading the document, why should they spend their time reading it? Spelling and grammar are essential, and even the most conscious of people may still overlook small mistakes, so it can never hurt to have your work proof read by a friend or family member. Other elements you need to ensure are correct including references, make sure these are up to date and relevant, if the contact details have expired – perhaps the contact number is out of date – then this shows carelessness and lack of attention to detail.

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